10 giugno 2016

Glowing Diamond UFO Looks Similar to Infamous Sighting in 1980

A video has brought many commotions among experts after it shows an activity analogous to aUFO sighting in 1980. The footage shows a UFO in a diamond shape, which is observed from inside a plane flying 43,000 feet above Texas in the U.S.

A man only identified as Steve was the one who recorded the video. He reportedly works as an aircraft maintenance director for a corporate jet fleet in the nation. He apparently sent the video to SecureTeam10, a group of people who love to spend time analysing UFO sighting videos and share their findings on their YouTube channel.

Tyler of SecureTeam said that after they had watched the clip, they realised that the diamond-shaped UFO looked the same to the Cash-Landrum incident in December 1980 involving two women Betty Cash and Vicky Landrum. Cash and Landrum were on their way to their home from dinner with Colby, the seven-year-old grandson of Vicky. While travelling, they saw a large diamond object in the sky.

According to the reporting witnesses, the mysterious aerial object emitted flames from underneath and Betty got terrible burns as she got out to investigate. Both of them said the unknown thing started to move away when 23-military-type helicopters appeared to approach it.