20 marzo 2016

Colour-Changing UFO On Video Doing Fast Movements Up and Down

A footage of a strange UFO that was recorded changing colour as it sped into a lake has caught the attention of paranormal investigators. The bright aerial thing descends quickly towardsLake Harstad in Norway. It appears to be red at the start of the video before it transforms into green as it gets nearer to the water. The unnamed witness said that he recorded the video half way through the sighting from his balcony. He was looking out over the sea during the strange event. According to the witness’ account, he first thought of a drone as the object did not make any movement, but moments later, he observed it suddenly did a quick movement up into the sky in a straight line towards the north. He then ran inside and looked out from a kitchen window while telling his girlfriend to come and see the mystery object. The couple reportedly had never seen anything like it in the past. The witness added that the UFO moved fast where it came from, so they ran back to the balcony and recorded the odd event this time with an iPhone. Then the object descended very quickly from high up in the sky to the sea. While going down, bright lights changed from red to green. The object disappeared suddenly behind the building. The sighting stunned the couple, and they didn’t know what to say or feel. The video was reportedly taken last August, but the reporting witness just sent it recently to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) for further investigation.