13 maggio 2016

Astronaut breaks 20-year silence: The Mystery Over UFO Tether Incident Of 1996

There’s a conclusive proof to solve the mystery in one of the most infamous UFO cases 20 years ago, according to a former NASA astronaut. Tom Jones, who was on four space shuttle missions in a span of over 11 years, said that he could solve the mystery of UFO Tether Incident in 1996. The story revolves around the mystery of a satellite, which was tethered to the space shuttle, breaking off. Astronauts on board later filmed it and apparently saw hundreds of UFOs swarmed it like organisms swimming in a sea. Conspiracy theorists believe there are many NASA astronauts and personnel who have witnessed evidence of aliens and UFOs, but not all have blown the whistle. Those who have come forward include the sixth astronaut to walk on the moon, Edgar Mitchell, who said he had proof of alien races that were in contact with the US government. However, Mr Jones isn’t convinced of testimonies from whistleblowers, including Mitchell. Mr Jones said the explanation for mysterious sightings was simpler. He stated that astronauts haven’t seen any proof of alien life. He suggested that these astronauts may have seen ice crystals, lightning flashes, drifting orbital debris, or streaking meteors in the dark atmosphere below. When asked about the 1996 Tether Incident, which has received mass reports of Mr Jones’ crew seeing UFOs, he answered that those mysterious objects floating alongside the ship for the first couple of days of the flight were just ice crystals. However, conspiracy theorists are still convinced that NASA astronauts are under threat of breach of national security oaths, and the penalty of death may be imposed should they reveal anything deemed classified, including the sightings of aliens and UFOs.