16 maggio 2016

EXCLUSIVE: UK's top-secret UFO X-Files to be released by MoD within DAYS

CONFIDENTIAL government reports into Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) sightings - dubbed the "British X-Files" - could be made publicly available within DAYS.

Alien hunters, who believe the files kept secret by the Ministry of Defence (MoD) for more than 30 years could shed new light on the infamous Renbdlesham UFO case, were given the a boost after officials confirmed the records would transfer to the National Archives this month.  UFO researchers, backed by a House of Lords peer, have been fighting for the release of 18 top secret Ministry of Defence (MoD) files about UFO sightings and government investigations. The Government has long faced claims of an alien cover-up from conspiracy theorists when their release was stalled at the end of 2013. They were again stalled this March. Some investigators claim the files could provide key evidence of extra-terrestrial life visiting the UK and of specific information about famous controversial sightings such as the Rendlesham Forest incident - a series of reported sightings by military officers of unexplained lights and the alleged landing of one or more craft in Suffolk in late December 1980. The Redlesham Forest incident, which is alleged to have taken place near RAF Woodbridge, Suffolk, in 1980, saw US Airman First Class John Burroughs, who was stationed there, exposed to radiation after a mystery "UFO visitation".

Last summer he asked in a Parliamentary question: "In relation to the 18 Ministry of Defence files on unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP) that have yet to be released to the public, what is the originating division of the file reference M9/18; what is the remit of that division in relation to UAP; and what is their latest estimate of when the 18 files will be passed to the National Archives, and then released to the public." Defence Minister Earl Howe replied: "The originating branch of file reference MO9/18 relates to ministers' private offices. The latest estimate of when the 18 files will be delivered to the National Archives is before March 2016. "The National Archives will make the necessary judgement about when they release these files to the public." Nick Pope, who used to investigate the existence of UFOs for the MoD, said the files should contain some fascinating sightings. However, referring to what is often called the most famous UFO claim in history - sparked by claims an alien spaceship crashed in New Mexico, US, in 1947 - Mr Pope added the soon-to-be-released files are probably not a "UK Roswell-style UFO in a hangar style cover up". He has since won damages from the American military, but still wants answers about what happened and hopes they will be in the new files. Alien hunters are confident these records could prove if extra-terrestrial life actually exists, as these were the most secretive files held in the private offices of various Cabinet ministers. Although the files are being released to the National Archives, it is not yet clear when they will be available for public inspection. Lord Black of Brentwood has been fighting for their release.
When the release of the files were stalled in 2014, which the MoD blamed on "additional processing requirements", Mr Pope sympathised with alien researchers. He said at the time: "This massive delay will have conspiracy theorists up in arms. It looks like the MoD is stalling." Mr Pope worked at the MoD for 21 years, but was specifically assigned to investigate UFOs for a three-year period. He said: "Having worked on the MoD's UFO project I'm sorry to say that we don't have any crashed spaceships hidden away in some RAF hangar, as some believe, but we do have some fascinating and unexplained cases in our files." The latest news of the files was revealed by alien hybrid researcher Miguel Mendonça via Facebook today. He posted: "I just received this update on the release of 18 formerly classified UK UFO files from the MOD FOI Team: "'Thank you for your request regarding an update on the remaining UFO files due to be transferred to the National Archives (TNA).

"I can confirm that we are currently negotiating a date around the 25th of this month for transferring these files which are in the DEFE 24 series. 
"The files should be available to view once TNA’s accession team have completed their processes.'"